The Condriacs Music Player

The Condriacs Music Player

The Condriacs
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We're so excited to launch our dedicated music player app that downloads onto your smartphone in a couple of simple clicks and gives you access to all 6 of our released albums, plus a 7th bonus unreleased album.

You can take our music wherever you go now! listen to us in the car or through your bluetooth speaker. All you need is an internet connection or mobile data.

And for a limited time, as part of it's launch, you can get 33% off!

So, if you're enjoying our music, but find digital downloads hard to use on your smartphone, this is definitely the answer.

It even comes with a built in shuffle player. Just click the shuffle play button and it will randomly play our songs. Hours of enjoyment!

As soon as you've checked out, you'll receive an email with a link that will give you access to the download instructions and the Music Player will be on your smartphone home screen in seconds!

There's a video below that shows you just how simple it is to download onto an iphone.

Pete & Tony x